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What does a taxi cost, calculate the taxi costs, quickly calculate a taxi fare.
We show you what a taxi company in the Netherlands maximum can charge for taxi costs and what a reasonable taxi price would be.
The taxi costs are based on the maximum taxi rates 2022.
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The taxi price is approximate and also depends on how busy it is on the road.
Especially for long journeys, it is often possible to agree a fixed fare with a taxi company. For journeys of 150 kilometers or more, many taxi companies even charge 1 euro per kilometer.

The taxi costs are based on a starting rate, the distance and the duration of the ride.

The following maximum rates apply for a taxi in the Netherlands 2022

Starting rate: € 3,36
Kilometer rate: € 2,47
Price per minute: € 0,41
The maximum rates for a taxi bus are:

Starting rate: € 6,83
Kilometer rate: € 3,11
Price per minute: € 0,46
Below is a price example of the taxi costs for a taxi.
Suppose the taxi ride is 3 kilometers and takes 8 minutes.

Starting rate: € 3,36
Kilometer rate: € 2,47 x 3 = € 7,41
Price per minute: € 0,41 x 8 = € 3,28
The total price is then: € 14.05

The maximum taxi rates for 2022 have been used in the taxi costs calculation.
The taxi costs may deflect, with little traffic the ride will be cheaper, when busy the ride can be more expensive. For more information: Click here (Dutch)

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